Timbre Junction EPK

"Timbre Junction has a tight yet classic sound mixing old school country and bluegrass into a web of feel good sounds. Instrumentation is flawless with vocals that take you back to the golden age of Nashville. Sweet harmonies and even a yodel or two are sure to put a smile across your evening. Timbre Junction is a must see show".

Blayne Powell
Acoustic Cafe
Eau Claire, WI

"Great show tonight! I appreciate your patience with tempos and your attention to vocal blend. Hope to see you back in Eau Claire".

Jerry O'Brien

" Timbre Junction puts a smile on your face the minute they begin to play...folks got out of their seats at our theater and took to dancing in the aisles." 
Jack Spencer
Big River Theater
Alma WI 


As one of the Twin Cities hardest working acoustic acts, Timbre Junction has cemented a reputation for playing across a variety of musical styles and putting on a spirited show.  With their emphasis on skillful playing, tight arrangements and expressive vocals done “their way”, Timbre Junction pushes the envelope…this is not your everyday Minnesota bluegrass band. 
While traditional bluegrass, country blues, cowboy and western swing anchor their repertoire, the band is far from predictable and can be tough to categorize.  What makes Timbre Junction different is their taking a song from any era or genre, and turning it on its head to make it their own. 
Timbre Junction’s lineup has evolved since they formed in 1998.  Founded by Minnesota bluegrass stalwarts Mike Regouski and Karen Radford, the band rotated players for some years until settling upon the current crew which now includes Minnesota musician Joel Johnson (Guitar),  Bob Bruce (Mandolin) previously playing with the East Hill Bluegrass Band out of Wisconsin and from the foothills of North Carolina, Michael Forney (Fiddle)