As one of the Twin Cities hardest working acoustic acts, Timbre Junction has cemented a reputation for playing across a variety of musical styles and putting on a spirited show. With their emphasis on skillful playing, tight arrangements and expressive vocals done “their way”, Timbre Junction pushes the envelope…this is not your everyday Minnesota bluegrass band.

While traditional bluegrass, country blues, cowboy and western swing anchor their repertoire, the band is far from predictable and can be tough to categorize. What makes Timbre Junction different is their taking a song from any era or genre and turning it on its head to make it their own.

Timbre Junction’s lineup has evolved since they formed in 1998. Founded by Minnesota bluegrass stalwarts Mike Regouski and Karen Radford, the band rotated players for some years until settling upon the current crew which includes Joel Johnson (Guitar/Vocals) and Claire Dill (Fiddle/Vocals).

Mike Regouski has been playing professionally since 1970’s throughout the north central region. He is respected for his driving Scruggs's style banjo, yet Mike plays the dobro and guitar equally well. His ability to match differing instruments to the mood of a song is key to the Timbre Junction sound. A long-standing member of bluegrass associations throughout the mid-west, Mike is a welcomed performer at bluegrass festivals and acoustic venues alike.


Karen Radford was classically trained both on bass and vocals going back to her elementary school days in northern Minnesota. While not aspiring to play professionally, some years back her uncle asked her to audition for an established Minneapolis bluegrass band…and the hook was set. What sets Karen apart is the music she loves and how that impacts the Timbre Junction sound. Karen varies from ballads to soulful renditions of Americana classics and her cowboy yodeling is unequaled.


Claire Dill's musical journey is a blend of classical training and traditional sensibility. As a classically-trained violinist, pianist and middle school string orchestra teacher, she brings a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise to her performances. But what sets her apart is her upbringing—a musical diet of southern gospel and bluegrass.  Growing up singing harmonies, Claire has developed a sense of how voices blend and complement each other. In her first bluegrass and band experience, Claire’s beautiful voice and expressive fiddle add layers of depth and emotion to the group’s sound.


Mathew Deitner brings a rich musical background to the band. After a brief hiatus, he is returning to the music scene. Matt studied music in college and played in an assortment of rock bands. His late uncle, Bob Deitner, was a mandolinist for the Buckeye Bluegrass Band in Las Cruces, NM. Under Bob’s guidance, Matt delved into the timeless world of classic bluegrass tunes. Since relocating to Minnesota in 2010, he has actively involved himself in the local music scene, participating in church groups and Saturday morning bluegrass jams. Matt’s unique blend of experiences promises to add fresh energy and creativity to Timbre Junction’s performances.